Selling Basics


Real Estate Selling Basics

Create a Marketing Plan
Set the Price
Prep Your Home
Focus on Safety
Close the Deal

Attract Buyers to Your Property

  • Advertising.
  • Open House.
  • Multiple Listing Service.
  • Social Postings.

Price Accordingly

Ensure to base your price point on thorough analysis of the market and your marketing plan.  Pricing higher than a competitive market analysis (CMA) shows may steer potential buyers away. Price to low and you may be leaving money on the table.

  • Recently sold homes.
  • Evaluate the competition.
  • Marketplace trends.

Get Ready for Showtime

A turn-key home is going to sell faster.  Use this checklist to see if you are ready.

  • Have a thorough cleaning done.
  • Eliminate clutter.
  • Fresh coat of paint.
  • Curb appeal – tidy up the yard.

More Visitors Equal More Risk

Be sure to take the following actions in your home sale process.

  • Lock up and hide collectibles and valuables.
  • Do not allow children to open doors to strangers.
  • Remove any dangerous items.

Time to Negotiate

An offer submitted is just that, the initial offer.  While price will be a focus point, there are many variables that should be accounted for in the negotiation.

  • Home Inspection (yes or void only option)
  • Finance Contigency
  • Appraisal Contigency
  • Escalation Clause
  • Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)
  • …and more